Current Pricelist

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GP Consultation €50.00 Covered
Nurses Visit €30.00 Covered
Under 6’s (Without valid Card) €50.00 €50.00
Blood Test €30.00 (Or attend Phlebotomy Clinic in Limerick, free of charge) €20.00
GTT €60.00 €60.00
Swabs €30.00 €30.00
ECG €30.00 Covered
Ear Syringing €30.00 Covered
Travel Vaccinations Varies Not Covered
Flu Vaccine €30.00 Covered
Cryotherapy €50.00 (Inital Visit)    €30.00 (follow up visits) Covered
Meningitis B Vaccine (2-3 Injections) €130.00 per vaccine €130.00 per vaccine
STI Full Screening (GP Consult, Swabs and Bloods included) €100.00 €100.00
Private Smear €70.00-€120.00 €70.00-€120.00
Cervical Check Smear Free of charge (with valid letter)
Mirena Coil/Copper/Jaydess €50.00 Consultation & €150.00 Insertion (includes six week check) €50.00
Ante Natal Care
(6 A/N Visits + 6/52 Post Natal Check)
Free of Charge Free of Charge
Childhood Vaccination Free of Charge Free of Charge
Private Cert €10.00 (1st cert covered in doctor consultation) €10.00
Emergency Prescription €10.00
(Patient must be reviewed EVERY 6 MONTHS, as a legal requirement).
Letters e.g.

For Travel, Gym, Consultation Visits, EDD, School/College, Créche
Proof of Residency, Fit to return to work etc.

€10.00 €10.00
Letter to attend A&E without Doctor Consultation €20.00 €10.00
Form-Filling e.g.
Passport, Travel Insurance, School/College,
Creche, Disability Parking, County Council etc.
*Some forms may require an appointment*
€10.00 €10.00
Driving Licence Medical €50.00 €50.00
Pre-Employment Medical (cost for additional tests vary) €80.00 €80.00
Medical Report €245.00 €245.00
Copy of Medical Records to a Solicitor €25.00 €25.00